New Parent Logins


Due to changes in the Parent Login Security System, Parents/Guardians will need to create a new account.

Here are the steps to create your account.
 Step 1:
    Click on Create Account.  If you do not see the Create Account button, you might need to scroll down the page.
 Step 2:
  1. Fill in your first name
  2. Fill in your last name
  3. Use an e-mail address that you want to receive PowerSchool information on.  This will also be how you can recover your password, if you forget.
  4. Choose a User Name that you would like to use.
    • This can not be your students ID number
    • This also can not be an email address
  5. Choose a secure password
 Step 3:
        Enter your student(s) Guardian Login information.

  • Student Name
    • This can be whatever you want.  Once you have logged in, PowerSchool will use the first name of your student that is on file.
  • Access ID
    • This is the Student Number. 3#####
      • The Student Web ID, which is usually 12lastnfirm will not work for parent access.
  • Access Password
    • This is the password that was used with the Guardian Web ID
  • Relationship
    • Choose the appropriate option.
        Repeat for each student.
        Press enter when you have added all of the students you have access to.

    If it has work, you should see this message at the top of the page.
    You may now login with your new user name and password.
    To switch between students, just click on their name in the upper left of the page.