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My Calendar

My Calendars

My Calendar, a personal calendar application, is a tool to help parents and students stay on top of daily events and better manage their time. Using My Calendar, you can subscribe to and receive homework and school event information in the form of a calendar on your desktop computer. With My Calendar, you can:
  • Subscribe to calendars to keep up with homework assignments, grades, school events, and more.
  • View more than one calendar at a time from within a single unified window to quickly identify schedule conflicts and pockets of free time.
  • Keep your priorities straight with a built-in To Do list.
IMPORTANT: In order to use My Calendar, you must first have an iCal enabled calendar installed on your computer. Gmail and Apples iCal applications both work.

How to Subscribe to Calendars

  1. On main menu, click My Calendars. The My Calendars page appears.
  2. Click Subscribe in the Class Assignments Only column to receive the class assignments calendar. The iCal application opens, and the Subscribe to field automatically displays the calendar URL.
  3. Click Subscribe. The Subscribing to <calendar name> page appears.
  4. Use the following table to enter information in the applicable fields:
  5. Field


    TitleBy default, the system automatically populates this field with the class name.
    RefreshSelect the checkbox to receive updated data, such as new homework assignments, grades, or school events, for the selected calendar. If you select the checkbox, use the pop-up menu to choose the refresh timeframe. It is recommended that you either select daily or weekly.
    Remove AlarmsThis function does not apply to My Calendar.
    Remove To Do ItemsBy default, the checkbox is selected, and the system does not display the To Do List. Deselect the checkbox to enable the To Do List, which displays student homework assignments.

  6. Click Subscribe in the Class Assignments With My Scores and Final Gradescolumn. The iCal application opens, and the Subscribe to field automatically displays the calendar URL.
  7. Click Subscribe. The Authentication page appears.
  8. Enter your PowerSchool Parent Portal username and password. Click OK. The Subscribe to <calendar name> page appears. See Steps 4 and 5 for additional information.

How to View My Calendars in iCal

Each of the calendars you subscribe to appear in the Calendars section of iCal. Note the colored checkbox next to each calendar. If the checkbox next to a calendar is selected, the information contained within that calendar displays within the calendar view as the color of the checkbox.

To view information about an item in the calendar view, click the item and information about the item appears in the Info drawer. If you have subscribed to any of the homework calendars, outstanding assignments appear as items on your student's To Do by Priority list. Click any of the items to view information about that item in the Info drawer.